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Luisa Narducci O'Gara, instructor of beginner/intermediate A: 3-6 years, bilingual/advanced A: 3-6. Mother of two young bilingual children was born and raised in Puglia. The youngest of three, her mother was an elementary school teacher and her father was a farmer. Her mother’s love for teaching inspired her to pursue a degree in Education from the University of Firenze. She moved to Minnesota in 2002 and worked as a preschool teacher for St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development. Luisa loves to share her passion for cooking and making homemade pasta - just the way her nonna taught her.

Frida Tosi , Instructor of beginner/intermediate B: 7-10 years; bilingual/advanced B: 7-10. Was born and raised in Verona, a city in the Northeastern part of Italy.She moved to Canada in 2003, where she worked  for a year as an Italian  instructor at the Berlitz School in Toronto. Later, after moving to Minneapolis, she continued enjoying teaching Italian through the community education schools and the Italian Cultural Center. Frida holds a Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Padua and while in Minnesota she earned a bachelor degree in Biology from the University of Minnesota.

Mirella Rossi Heimpel , instructor of beginner/intermediate C 11-17 years; bilingual/advanced C 11-17.  A native of Rome, she holds a Laurea in Psychology from the University of Rome La Sapienza. Mirella has lived in the United States for 23 years and taught Italian privately and through different community programs. Besides focusing on the four basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, she attaches equal importance to learning about Italy and its rich culture.

 Summer Camp/Campo Estivo Instructors 

Federica Bottega is a young native Italian born and raised in Turin, where she pursued a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures. During those years she had worked with foreign children who had issues with the Italian language. She is passionate about theater (she was in an acting school for three years), books, foreign cultures and travel. These latter two have driven her to begin her Master in International Communication for Tourism. She is now spending more than a year living in Minneapolis and helping the ICC with numerous activities and events.

Mirella Rossi Heimpel  "I have lived in St Paul MN, with my family, for the past 14 years. I grew up in Rome and hold a Laurea in Psychology from the University of Rome La Sapienza. I met my husband in Italy, while traveling, and moved to the US shortly after getting married. I became a Montessori teacher in the US and taught in Delaware and California. Those were my forming years in this country and I will always cherish them because they became the basis for who I am right now. Once my three children Nicholas (21 yrs.), Simon, (16 yrs.) and Carmen(14 yrs.) were born, I fully immersed myself in parenting. My heart has stayed into learning and teaching and either with my children or with the community (and with the help of the library), I have enjoyed experiencing world cultures besides my own. I volunteered in my children's classrooms for nine years through the Art Adventure program and became a girl scout leader in the past 6 years. I believe in the power of learning through a variety of means: folk and modern music, art, stories, cooking and games are my favorites! Italy is rich in tradition and history and is a modern country as well. I believe we can learn Italian while enjoying Italy in its variety."

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