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    • 01 Jan 2015
    • 12:00 PM
    • 31 Dec 2015
    • ICC, Hennepin Center for the Arts, 528 Hennepin Ave, Suite 502, Minneapolis, MN 55403

    This class is for students who would like to customize and advance their learning of Italian.  Please contact Peggy at to schedule a private lesson.

    • 26 Feb 2015
    • 6:30 PM
    • 01 Mar 2015
    • St. Anthony Main Theater
    • 20

    Opening Night is scheduled for Thursday, February 26 at St. Anthony Main Theater (115 SE Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55414).

    The evening will begin at 6:30 pm with a party overlooking the Mississippi and the Stone Arch Bridge in Aster Café’s River Room (125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55414, see map below). Guests are invited to enjoy appetizers and wine while bidding on unique items at an auction hosted by WCCO news anchor Frank Vascellaro. At 8:30 pm the Italian films begin with a screening of Smetto Quando Voglio (I Can Quit Whenever I Want), a charming comedy feature directed by Sydney Sibilia. Celebrate the start to a weekend of contemporary and classic Italian cinema!

    • 28 Feb 2015
    • 4:30 PM
    • St. Anthony Main Theater
    • 170

    Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot (Zoran, il mio nipote scemo)

    Italian-style comedy, 2013, 106 minutes
    Director: Matteo Oleotto

    This dark comedy depicts Pablo, a single, 40-something with a dead-end job and drinking habit who is lured to his late aunt’s estate by the promise of an inheritance. Instead, he receives a porcelain dog and his nerdy nephew, Zoran. At first annoyed by his new parental role, Pablo’s feelings change as he discovers Zoran’s talent for throwing darts. Hoping to cash in on his nephew’s skill, Pablo puts Zoran to work hustling locals. A charming story set amidst the picturesque vineyards of the Friuli region near the border with Slovenia. Zoran’s witty humor is accompanied by regional song and large quantities of local wine.

    Cast: Giuseppe Battiston, Teco Celio, Rok Prasnikar

    2014, Best Debut Film, Italian Golden Globes
    2013, Winner International Critics’ Week Audience Award, Schermi di Qualità Prize, FEDIC Award, Venice Film Festival

    • 28 Feb 2015
    • 7:00 PM
    • St. Anthony Main Theater
    • 194

    Off Road (Fuoristrada)

    Documentary, 2013, 70 minutes
    Director: Elisa Amoruso

    Cast: Giuseppe Della Pelle, Marioara Dadiloveanu, Daniele Aciobanidei

    Screening to thunderous applause at the 2013 Rome Film Festival, this documentary recounts the love story of Beatrice and Marianna. Formerly Pino, Beatrice is a transgender female mechanic and ex-rally champion who owns a busy car repair shop in a Roman suburb. The film depicts Beatrice and Romanian wife Marianna’s constant negotiation with social conventions. They share their home with Marianna’s daughter Daniele, who now refers to Beatrice as “Dad,” and Beatrice’s mother, who has learned to accept her changing country and family. Director Elisa Amoruso’s debut feature avoids the rhetoric of sexual discrimination in this sensitive and poetic tale of acceptance.

    Rome Film Festival 2013: Winner, Special Recognition Prize
    International Film Festival of Guadalajara 2014: Maguey Award

    • 28 Feb 2015
    • 8:45 PM
    • St. Anthony Main Theater
    • 184

    South Is Nothing (Il Sud è niente)

    Drama, 2013, 90 minutes
    Director: Fabio Mollo

    Cast: Miriam Karlkvist, Vinicio Marchioni, Valentina Lodovini, Andrea Bellisario

    In this stunning cinematic debut, young talent Fabio Mollo’s film is a beautiful coming-of-age story. Set in a small town on the coast of Calabria, 17 year-old Grazia is finishing school and working in her father Cristiano’s fish shop, which is threatened by the local economy. However, as she searches for answers about her brother’s mysterious disappearance, Grazia fights to shatter the code of silence governing life in her village, her family, and herself. Collecting applause from Toronto to Berlin, South is Nothing has situated Mollo as one of the most innovative voices in new art cinema.

    Rome Film Festival 2013: Winner Best Emerging Producer
    Berlin Film Festival 2014: Nominated Crystal Bear Generation 14Plus - Best Feature Film
    Italian Golden Globes 2014: Nominated Best Actress, Best First Feature, Best Original Score

    • 01 Mar 2015
    • 3:00 PM
    • St. Anthony Main Theater
    • 158

    Italy in a Day (Un giorno da italiani), documentary, 2014

    Documentary, 2014, 75 minutes
    Director: Gabriele Salvatores, from an idea by Ridley Scott

    The film that challenged 40,000 Italians to pick up a camera and document their lives on 26 October 2013, Italy in a Day is a diverse and emotional portrait of the myriad lives Italians live. Each participant’s task was to share with the editors their hopes, dreams, and worries from that day in October, and being Italian was the only criterion. From 2,200 hours of footage, Academy Award Winner Salvatores and his team produced this 75-minute film. Italy in a Day shows the beauty, drama, poetry, and comedy of everyday life in the country. As Italy’s first social film, it ought not to be missed!

    • 01 Mar 2015
    • 5:00 PM
    • St. Anthony Main Theater
    • 192

    Love in the City (L’amore in città)

    1953, 105 minutes

    Directors: Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Carlo Lizzani, Alberto Lattuada, Francesco Maselli, Dino Risi, Cesare Zavattini

    Love in the City is a hidden gem in Italy’s cinema history. A commercial failure on its release, this compilation of short films directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Cesare Zavattini and three other prominent Italian directors, is of great significance. A precursor to Jean Rouch’s cinéma vérité and American tv reportage from the 1960s, Love in the City documents gender relationships in contemporary Rome. Love in the City is an incredible historical document, which bears witness to the changing social mores of a country transitioning from post-war reconstruction to an economic boom.

    • 01 Mar 2015
    • 7:15 PM
    • St. Anthony Main Theater
    • 162

    The Mafia Only Kills in Summer (La mafia uccide solo d'estate)

    Comedy, 2013, 90 mins
    Director: Pif (Pierfrancesco Diliberto)

    In this critically acclaimed coming-of-age satire, TV star Pierfrancesco Diliberto, known as Pif, recalls his childhood in Sicily. Stunning cinematography and expert lighting transports viewers to the Palermo of the 1970s and early ’80s: a place of beauty and violence, denial and civic courage. The protagonist Arturo fights for the heart of his beloved Flora against the backdrop of a bloody war for Mafia supremacy. An impressive directorial debut, this film combines cinematic competence, good laughs, and heartfelt tears. Current Senate President Pietro Grasso referred to this film as the best film work on Mafia ever made.
    Cast: Cristiana Capotondi, Pif, Alex Bisconti, Ginevra Antona, Claudio Gioè, Barbara Tabita, Rosario Lisma.

    2014, Grand Fiction Prize, Annecy Italian Film Festival
    2014, Best New Director, David di Donatello Awards
    2014, Best European Comedy, European Film Awards
    2014, Best Screenplay, Italian Golden Globes
    2013, Audience Award, Turin Film Festival

    • 20 Sep 2015
    • 04 Oct 2015
    • La Lingua La Vita, Todi, Italy
    • 7

    UMBRIA ADVENTURE - 2015!!!

    Do you dream of studying Italian in Italy?  Would you love to visit the city of Todi, and explore the region of Umbria?  Now is the perfect opportunity for you to join fellow travelers at the ICC, study at a well-renowned language school and experience one of the most beautiful regions of Italy!

    For complete details go to our Educational Travel page. The group is limited to 8-10 participants and a non-refundable deposit of $250 per person is required. You can remit your payment via this Paypal link.  

    Please contact Peggy at for more information

Past events

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27 Feb 2015 The Art of Happiness (L'Arte della Felicità)
26 Feb 2015 I Can Quit Whenever I Want (Smetto Quando Voglio)
26 Feb 2015 Opening Night Party plus film ticket
29 Jan 2015 ENW15 Sorrento Travelogue, Thursday, January 29
10 Jan 2015 ENF15 Sorrento Travelogue, CANCELLED Sat, Jan 8
06 Jan 2015 EW15 Open House- CANCELLED--Due to Weather
03 Sep 2014 ENF14 - SPECIAL EVENT: Book Discussion IN ITALIAN "Nessuno sa di noi" Wednesday, September 3
03 Sep 2014 FS14 Open House- Wednesday, September 3, 5:30-7 p.m.
24 Jun 2014 AU14GW Grammar Workshop - Passato Prossimo e Imperfetto, Tuesday, June 24
18 Jun 2014 EN14 Christopher Castellani-Boston Author Meet and Greet
29 May 2014 ENS14 - SPECIAL EVENT: Book Discussion -All This Talk of Love
10 May 2014 EN14 Make and Take --- Ravioli di ricotta e spinaci-NEW LOCATION!
02 Apr 2014 AS14G Grammar Workshop - Pronomi Diretti/Indiretti - Wednesday, April 2, 2014
01 Apr 2014 ES14 Open House- Tuesday, April 1, 5:30-7 p.m.
08 Mar 2014 Il restauro dei luoghi Verdiani - da Roncole a Sant'Agata passando per Busseto (Restoring Verdi's Places - from Roncole to Sant'Agata via Busseto)
25 Jan 2014 EW14 Make and Take --- Tortelloni!
11 Jan 2014 RESCHEDULED! Open House- Saturday, January 11, 2-4 pm
17 Dec 2013 ENF13 Sorrento Travelogue, Tuesday, December 17
07 Dec 2013 EN13 Make and Take --- Tortellini!
05 Dec 2013 AJ13G Grammar Workshop - Pronomi Diretti/Indiretti - Thursday, December 05
21 Nov 2013 ENF13 Italian Wine Tour
12 Nov 2013 AJ13G Grammar Workshop - Congiuntivo e Condizionale - Tuesday, November 12
11 Nov 2013 ENF13 Young Professionals----Meet and Greet!
21 Oct 2013 ENF13 Meet New Italian American Author, Deborah Stevens...Book Signing and Wine Giveaway!
04 Sep 2013 Fall Term OPEN HOUSE
17 Jun 2013 EN13 Festeggiamo Spring 2013
25 May 2013 EU13 Make and Take --- Tortelloni!
02 May 2013 ES13 A Concert of Italian Songs and Arias with the University of Minnesota Department of Music
01 May 2013 Euro-American Celebration
07 Apr 2013 È stato il figlio (It was the son) tickets and sponsorship
07 Apr 2013 La kryptonite nella borsa (Kryptonite!) tickets and sponsorship
06 Apr 2013 Io sono Li (Shun Li and the Poet) tickets and sponsorship
06 Apr 2013 L'estate di Giacomo (Summer of Giacomo) tickets and sponsorship
06 Apr 2013 Un giorno speciale (A Special Day) tickets and sponsorship
05 Apr 2013 Terraferma (Dry Land) tickets and sponsorship
04 Apr 2013 Polvere -Il grande processo dell'amianto (Dust-The Great Asbestos Trial) tickets and sponsorship
04 Apr 2013 Italian Film Festival 2013
03 Apr 2013 ES13 Spring Term OPEN HOUSE - Film Festival Tickets on Sale!
07 Mar 2013 EW13 Dario Fo: EVENT RESCHEDULED!!
08 Jan 2013 Winter Term OPEN HOUSE
05 Jan 2013 Make and Take --- Tortellini!
11 Dec 2012 AJ12G Grammar Workshop - Pronomi Diretti/Indiretti - Tuesday, December 11
06 Dec 2012 EN12F Festeggiamo Fall 2012
04 Dec 2012 AJ12G Grammar Workshop - Passato Prossimo, Imperfetto,Trapassato - Tuesday, December 4
03 Dec 2012 AJ12G Grammar Workshop - Congiuntivo e Condizionale - Monday, December 3
27 Nov 2012 AJ12G Grammar Workshop - Potere, Dovere, Volere e Pronunciation -Tuesday, November 27
25 Jun 2012 AU12G Grammar Workshop - Pronomi Diretti/Indiretti - Monday, June 25
21 Jun 2012 AU12G Grammar Workshop - Passato Prossimo e Imperfetto - Thursday, June 21
20 Jun 2012 AU12G Grammar Workshop - Potere, Dovere, Volere e Pronunciation -Wednesday, June 20
18 Jun 2012 EN12S Festeggiamo Spring 2012
01 Apr 2012 20 sigarette (20 Cigarettes ) tickets and sponsorship
01 Apr 2012 Into Paradiso (Into Paradise) tickets and sponsorship
01 Apr 2012 Senza arte né parte (Make a Fake) tickets and sponsorship
31 Mar 2012 Mine Vaganti (Loose Cannons) tickets and sponsorship
31 Mar 2012 Fughe e approdi (Return to the Aeolian Islands ) tickets and sponsorship
31 Mar 2012 Una vita tranquilla (A Quiet Life) tickets and sponsorship
30 Mar 2012 Caravaggio Tickets and Sponsorship
30 Mar 2012 Italian Film Festival 2012
04 Apr 2011 AS Grammar Workshop - Pronomi Diretti/Indiretti - April 4
04 Apr 2011 AS Grammar Workshop- Passato Prossimo- April 4
21 Mar 2011 AS Grammar Workshop - Pronomi Diretti/Indiretti -March 21
24 Feb 2011 Italian Poetry Review
20 Jan 2011 Private Classes - DATE AND TIME YET TO BE CONFIRMED
10 Sep 2010 Private Classes - DATE AND TIME YET TO BE CONFIRMED
24 May 2010 Private Classes - DATE AND TIME YET TO BE CONFIRMED
12 Apr 2010 Italia Oggi - Wednesday Evenings
13 Jan 2010 Italia Oggi - Wednesday Evenings
01 Jan 2010 Private Classes - DATE AND TIME YET TO BE CONFIRMED
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